Black Sock Sisterhood




Hi! My name is Samantha,

and welcome to our personal information page.

Who are the "Black Sock Sisterhood?"

We are a collaboration of seven erotic 3-D artists. and though we are living in the same place, in the same body, I assure you that we are six separate and distinct individuals. this will be explained further, towards the bottom of the page.

When I was 10 years old, I was one of two victims of a horrible crime. Myself, and a close friend were kidnapped. I was raped, and horribly beaten. My friend was similarly beaten, and murdered. Although I too was left for dead, I did survive. And it took me nearly 10 years to forgive myself for that.

Of the four people found guilty of the crime, one died in prison, another committed suicide shortly after being released, and the other two are in prison for the rest of their lives.

As a result, I have physical, mental, and emotional disabilities that I have trouble talking about online. I've created this website, with the express purpose of giving you the information, without having to live it over and over again.



Physical disabilities:
My right arm is amputated 2 inches below the elbow. I have a prosthetic arm, but I seldom use it.


My forefinger, on my left hand, was irreparably damaged , and was removed.  My thumb is pretty much useless due to damage to the radial and median nerves.


I have the ability to type, although very slowly. I usually use voice dictation software by Nuance. It is usually very accurate, but once in a while it really messes up. So please, bear with me.


Mental disabilities:
Because of our ordeal, I have been diagnosed, with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which was formally known as multiple personality disorder.
Samantha: I am the host/primary. I take care of my sisters, and they take care of me. I am the public face of the group, and thus, ultimately responsible. I am currently unemployed, but I have a drivers license and everything.  I feel honored that my sisters place their faith in me so completely.
Pilar: Pilar is the most fragile of the six personalities. she carries all of the fear, and all of the phobias associated with our tragic event, but none of the memories. Although she has come a long way, those things are still very present within her.
Darby: Darby is the one who allows us to escape non-critical pressure and stress. Darby is very sexual, and lazy. She knows that I am typing this, and agrees with my assessment of her personality. I think she likes it that way. if you were to see Darby on the street, you would not think anything of her, as she basically does not stand out in a crowd.
Nomi: Nomi is our protector. She is the one who deals with any and all situations which require us to stand up for ourselves, fight, or argue. When we were younger, Nomi (whom we called Pinocchio in those days) would be the one to fight the bullies on the playground, giving us a reputation for being a "bad girl". She has learned how to deal with things nonviolently now, and has become a wonderful young woman in her own right. 
Arcadia: Arcadia is a very smart and beautiful 18 year old girl. When pushed, she can be disrespectful, and somewhat hard to get along with. However, in all fairness to her, at times he can be a very sweet girl. She's very emotional, and when it comes to emotion seldom does anything halfway.  Either she loves it, or she hates it.  But we're working on that.
Kaysi: Now a fully fledged member of the group, Kaysi is still working on her emotions, and integrating emotions into decisions, as she currently comes off as somewhat coldly logical, and has problems with decisions made based upon feelings, or intuition.
Etta: not a lot is known about this sweet, outgoing, never shy young lady. The most recent sister, she arrived rather suddenly, in fear for her life from a man who has been dead for 17 years, we happily accept her for who she is, and swear to her that she has nothing more to fear. We welcome her with open arms.
After having dealt with this disorder for 19 years, we have learned a great many things. we have learned how to communicate with each other, and how to share the body, through co-consciousness. We have been aware of one another since we were 12, and have always referred to one another as "sisters". Most importantly, we have learned how to coexist with each other. 

We have instituted a system of keys, and can transition at will now, in about 15-20 seconds, giving a requesting alter control at any given time.